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Cosmetic ampoules for external use.

BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM ampoules - a product of the SURGERY LIKE category - is the third, after cream and peeling, cosmetic from the innovative COLWAY product line, bearing the symbol of precious Blue Diamond. They perfectly complement the action of these products, and thanks to the rich content of unique ingredients, they are probably the only ampoules in the world with effects that resemble the results achieved by the best plastic surgeons.

Each BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM set contains 9 ampoules: 2 are used for enzymatic peeling preparing the skin for the reception of serum ingredients, and the remaining 7 are intended for proper care. In this way, the skin undergoes two-stage, intensive and highly effective revitalization, regeneration and lifting - from the level of its deep layers and fibroblasts. This is possible thanks to the use of very effective penetration promoters (glycosaminoglycans), also found in BLUE DIAMOND cream and peeling, which briefly unseal the lipid barrier of the epidermis so that the active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin. These promoters work in ampoules even more effectively than in peeling and cream because an aqueous rather than emulsion formulation was used.

The effectiveness of BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM ampoules is visible immediately after application, and in the next few weeks the skin becomes prettier and healthier. This is how a rich set of cosmetic celebrities works, including GHK-Cu - a copper tripeptide, with amazingly strong bioactivity, of which there are up to 1000x more in ampoules than in blood plasma. Together with kinetin - a growth factor and DNA activator - and thymosin B4, which activates adult stem cells - is one of the strongest antioxidants that equals superoxide dismutase and lunasin, which uses the potential of epigenetics. GHK-Cu stimulates the proliferation of skin cells, collagen production, scarring of damage and reconstruction of the skin protein barrier. Lifting properties are provided by hexapeptide 8, while the antibacterial lactoferrin, calming and soothing Mexican spiky (Agastache Mexicana), BeauPlex VH (vitamin complex) and our excellent transdermal collagen together with high-molecular hyaluronic acid (HMW HA) help achieve absolute beauty, complete skin health and immunity.


  • exfoliating dead cells
  • stimulating the proliferation of adult skin stem cells scar skin lesions
  • stimulating collagen and new blood vessels production antioxidant
  • soothing and calming neurogenic stress
  • lifting
  • firming
  • rebuilding the skin's lipid barrier strong and long-lasting moisturizers regulating natural processes
  • Shrink


  • multidirectional peeling and serum in one product
  • obtaining a skin lifting effect without surgical intervention
  • stimulation of the skin's natural regeneration potential and restoring its proper biological balance
  • light, odorless water formula, thanks to which the ampoules have many applications and can be applied directly to the skin or used as a supplement, e.g. cream
  • supplying bio-ingredients to all skin layers thanks to the use of penetration promoters


immediately after the procedure: the skin is smooth, perfectly refreshed, moisturized and nourished, as well as nicely tense

progressive improvement of insight in the days following the surgery due to transdermal stimulation of skin stem cell biopotential for revitalization and regeneration of this tissue

increasing firmness and tension due to stimulated collagen and elastin production smoothing out wrinkles
strongly stimulated skin protein production


2 Preparation ampoules (enzyme peeling): papain, subtilisin;

7 Care ampoules: GHK-Cu, lactoferrin, hexapeptide-8, lunasin, kinetin, thymosin B4, Mexican sphinx, BeauPlex VH, COLWAY fish collagen; macromolecular hyaluronic acid (HMW HA), skylight extract

PURPOSE: Adults. For all skin types. For use either directly on the skin or to enrich cosmetics. Particularly recommended for face, neck and cleavage of mature skin, requiring immediate revitalization, regeneration and smoothing.

HOW TO USE: Begin by thoroughly washing and cleansing the face skin of makeup and impurities. Shake the ampoule gently before opening. Open with the special ampoule breaker in the package. Spread the contents on the skin with clean hands, making gentle massage movements. For the first two days, use an ampoule with an enzymatic peeling (2 pcs in the package - milky yellow color). Leave for a few to several minutes. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently dry the face with a towel. Apply a care cream.

For the next 7 days, apply the contents of the care ampoules to the skin (7 pieces in the package - bluish color). Apply a care cream.

* Very gentle deposition of active substances at the bottom of the ampoule is possible. This is a natural chemical property, therefore the ampoule should be gently shaken just before use.

* In order to achieve the best results of the treatment, it is recommended to use Blue Diamond Cream during it.

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