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Smart liquid crystal base enriched with biomimetic active substances and all three types of native collagen: atelocollagen, tropocollagen and pro collagen. 

The first cream in  the world to combine three breakthroughs in one product: biomimetics, liquid crystal system and atelocollagen. 

Exceptionally light and sleek, oleo some base structure of the cream is perfectly compatible with the skin physiology, and biomimetic active ingredients, thanks to liquid crystal combination of emulsifier/ emollient of base components, work much more effectively than in regular creams. Therefore, biomimetic active ingredients and three types of collagen along with the portions of energy are released gradually in a controlled way and in extensive time, which minimizes the effect of uncontrolled stimulation of fibroblasts and counteracts the accelerated death of cells caused by the Hayflick limit.

The stratum corneum plays a key role in the protection of the skin barrier, and the natural moisturising factor - NMF is especially significant. Biomimetic functioning of Atelocream materials is based on the ,,lamellar promotor" action, definitely improves moisturising properties because the lamellar structures resemble the lipids present in the skin. Atelocream eliminates wrinkles, nourishes and moisturizes in the stratum corneum.

Biorevitalisator MC2 - energy and light are the extra benefits of the application of Atelocream. MC is a perfectly balanced combination of botanical extracts, among others Ginseng saponins and ace berry polyphenols, known from anti-oxidant and tonic activities. Tetrahydropiperine, (THP) included in Atelocream, is a stabilised alkaloid derivative pipeline deriving from the fruit of black pepper, which strengthens penetration of the skin, thanks to which the active ingredients penetrate skin giving it glow and energy. The substance enables the increase of natural ability to absorb nutritional substances on the cell level. Atelocream MCbalances energy loss by daily awakening and strengthening of cellular metabolism. 


  • energy shot for the skin
  • defender of skin firmness
  • improvement of skin elasticity
  • awakening of cellular metabolism 
  • improvement of skin glow
  • ally in fight against signs of ageing skin

Apply in the morning on the clean skin of face, neck and neckline, gently rubbing. In the case of stressed, very tired skin you can additionally apply in the evening, after cleaning the skin. Perfect as a make-up base. Atelokrem MCis an all-day cream, 24-hour, with exceptional universality in the world of cosmetics. Suitable for almost all skin types. Provides users in different age with satisfaction.

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