Platinum Natural Collagen 200ml

£ 101.00

Platinum Natural Collagen 200ml

Is recommended for face and neckline care, and delicate part of the body. It supports revitalising treatment for mature complexion; it provides non-invasive face lifting and regenerates skin after plastic surgery procedures. Regular use stops skin-ageing processes.

Customers using Natural Collagen as recommended, report the following benefits:

· moisturising and long-lasting, optimal hydration of the skin     

· improvement in skin suppleness and elasticity

· smoother skin

· shallower wrinkles

Why is Collagen Platinum so effective?

It is biologically active and its chemical structure is identical to human collagen. It means that the body does not reject it and allergic reactions are very rare. Fish collagen excellently absorbs into the skin and stimulates the production of body collagen by its productive cells – fibroblasts. This means it does not replenish collagen from the outside, but it activates the body to produce it’s own collagen more effectively.

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