Completely natural. Of simple composition. A unique gift of nature.

COLWAY® presents You with the revolutionary Polish biochemical invention on your way to retaining a youthful skin appearance - Natural Collagen. Collagen is a "protein of youth", which constitutes more than 30% of human protein mass and as much as 70% of skin proteins. Collagen and elastin in the dermis form a flexible mesh, which gives the dermis its elasticity and firmness, and binds water, lipophilic substances and is also responsible for the condition of connective tissues; that is in fact the condition of the whole body.

What is Natural Collagen?

It is a gel formed by fish collagen molecules, which in the process of hydration reaction adds water molecule. The only "living" (that retains the conformation of the triple helix) protein preparation in the cosmetology world. Fish collagen at the molecular stage is characterized by transdermality - impossible in the case of large molecules of hydrolyzed collagens and almost identical in structural features as human collagen. This property determines its biological activity, provided it is stored in sterile conditions and at temperatures of not more than 26°C. Thanks to its simple and hygienic pump application, you can dispense just the required amount for Your body care.

How does it work?

Collagen which our body is also composed of, is in a constant process of exchange and as long as they run smoothly, your skin will look young and healthy. Body collagen is produced in manufacturing cells: fibroblasts, and chondrocytes, in processes known as collagen synthesis.mNatural Collagen product does not fight with the effects, like most anti-ageing cosmetics, but with the causes of skin ageing - collagen deficiency. Decomposed products of the triple helix on the skin, i.e. single spirals and peptide chains penetrate the epidermis and consequently stimulate fibroblasts to produce body collagen. Natural Collagen should be protected from excessive heat -over 25°C. Each package is protected by a special mini styrofoam thermos, so that You will always receive a product of the highest quality.

How to use?

It is worth preparing the skin for collagen treatment; by regular peeling applied periodically 1-2 times a week in order to facilitate the penetration of collagen into your skin. Natural Collagen is produced in three steps pigmentation (Platinum, Silver, Graphite), dedicated to different parts of the body; always apply a thin layer to freshly washed and still damp skin. Wait until the product is completely absorbed. You will then feel a slight tension and shrinkage of the skin. It is a completely normal effect which will disappear after applying your cosmetic care; such as a day cream, night cream or body lotion. If visible traces of collagen remain on your skin, resembling exfoliating epidermis, this means that you have applied one time too much of the product. As a continuation of your collagen treatment, we recommend the Colway Cosmetic Line.

Why try it?

Through regular use of Natural Collagen, 1-2 times a day you will achieve:

• improvement in Your skin’s moisture and firmness

• delay in the natural ageing process

• visible improvement in skin cohesiveness

• smoothing and lightening of scars and stretch marks

• strengthening of flabby skin (also on the thighs, buttocks, breasts)

• regeneration of hair and nails

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