Colway® was established in May 2004 in Gdansk, Poland by two founders Jaroslaw Zych and Maurycy Turek. It immediately became a market success as a direct sales and network marketing company. In the years 2004-2005 about 30 000 distributors entered the business. Their great achievement was based on the patented discovery of the unique features of fish collagen made by Polish scientists who developed the method of isolating the collagen from fish skin. ​​

Colway® is continually striving to satisfy its customers needs by searching for the finest skin care. This resulted in the origin of a brand-new cosmetic line based on Natural Collagen, containing the newest discoveries in the biochemistry in the cosmetic world. The company is passionately dedicated to create an provide top quality products which will suit and satisfy the needs of every client. Our cosmetics are perfect to use at home as well as in professional treatments in the beauty and aesthetic industry.​

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