Colway gives you new generation of collagen in the world of cosmetology and dermo-cosmetology. Discovered in Poland our collagen is quite different from the five-level fibril mush, known up to now. 

Its hydrate is formed from a tri-level collagen solution obtained from the skins of the noblest fish, caught in natural reservoirs. 

Collagen extracted by using hydration method guarantees the maintaining of its triple helix structure, crystal amino acid structure and biological activity of its breakdown products. 

Colway's Natural Collagen is a fully absorbable protein, infiltrating through all of the layers of the skins epidermis and supplementing the deficiency of collagen and stimulating further production of collagen in the organism. This is a living, biologically active substance, which strives to unify with the fibres of human proteins.

 Natural Collagen Gel only includes ingredients that are already found in the human body. This product is non-allergic, non-irritatingnon-addictive to the skin. Natural Collagen Gel is a pure organic anti-aging product with no harsh preservatives, no added colours and no fragrance. It is a truly uniqe and spectacular product